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Forging Freedom: Dimensions

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For today’s “Writer Wednesday” feature, I wanted to highlight an anthology I edited called Forging Freedom: Dimensions. Dimensions was published by Freedom Forge Press, a company dedicated to celebrating stories of freedom (of all types). When the company put out a call for submissions for its general fiction anthology, an overwhelming number of submissions were […]

The Danger of Being an Individual


…or “Why I Wrote The Scarred Letter” Background A high school English teacher, I taught The Scarlet Letter year after year. For some students (too few), it became a favorite book that they remembered even years after graduating. For others, Hawthorne’s sentence length, ornate language, and complicated concepts made the reading too difficult to complete […]

Shenandoah Children’s Literature Conference: A Writer’s Perspective


During the last week in June, I attended the Shenandoah University Children’s Literature Conference. The conference invites award-winning and nationally- (and internationally-) recognized authors to present talks and roundtable discussions to attendees. In the afternoon, small group sessions are led by leaders working in education, and two graduate credit options are available. The conference targets […]

Pennwriters Conference: May 16-18


I’m pleased to announce the 2014 Pennwriters Conference at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I’ll be presenting a class on characterization on Friday, May 16 and look forward to attending many of the other classes and presentations, networking with other authors, and meeting agents and editors. For any writers interested in attending, you can […]

Book Review: Emily Gets Her Gun… but Barack Obama Wants to Take Yours by Emily Miller


Note: I originally wrote this book review for Freedom Forge Press, a publisher celebrating freedoms of all kinds. The review is reprinted here with permission. Emily Miller is a journalist and a resident of Washington, D.C. When she found herself defenseless as criminals broke into a friend’s home, she decided to go through the red […]