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I review books free of charge, with a new book review appearing on my blog every Monday. If you are interested in having your book reviewed, you can email me with a description of your work. I review anything except erotica (and generally limit books reviewed to “R” ratings). You can also email me a Kindle or PDF version of your book; however, I cannot guarantee a review. My book reviews reflect my honest opinion, regardless of whether I paid for the book or received a review copy.

With nine years (and counting!) of teaching high school English and creative writing, I can edit your manuscript for grammar and mechanics as well as for content. I am currently editing Forging Freedom, an anthology with Freedom Forge Press and have had extensive experience working with writers to improve their manuscripts. Prices for my editing services vary, depending on length of manuscript and your editing needs. I can read the manuscript to offer general feedback, offer specific comments throughout the entire book, edit for both content and grammar, or line-edit for grammar only. Please email me to discuss your specific needs, but as a ballpark figure, editing for content or grammar would be priced at $1 per page.

Blog Features
I feature authors on Wednesdays! If you would like to be featured, please email me. Options include a guest blog post, an author interview, an interview with one of your characters, and a Rafflecopter giveaway. Content of the blog post should be limited to a “PG-13” rating, and books promoted must be limited to “rated R” (no erotica or gratuitous sex/violence for its own sake, though it’s fine if it’s an integral part of the plot).

Cover Design
My cover design services start at $50 plus the cost of artwork. Actual cost depends on the complexity of the design. Here are some covers and promotional pieces I have designed: faulkner_1


In this time-travel novella incorporating sweet romance and science fiction, Anna, a young graduate student, has found her intellectual soul mate. She and Dr. Thomas Wellesley, forty years her senior, have been working on sensitive research involving time travel. She respects the man: he is married to his work and just as passionate about science as she is. He is her favorite part of the day and she'll stop at nothing to help their research. When a rival professor threatens their research and their safety, Dr. Wellesley does everything in his power to protect Anna from harm. But in his effort to protect her, he inadvertently sends her back in time. Forty years back in time, to be exact—to a time when a young student named Tommy Wellesley is just embarking on his first degree in physics. And it’ll be up to young Tommy to see Anna safely back to her own time. If he can bear to lose her. This edition also includes two short time travel stories. “Suicide Watch” explores the more dangerous ramifications of time travel. After an unfortunate fight with the love of his life, Matthew Mitchell discovers a time machine. Tempted to win back his girlfriend, Matt takes the machine for a spin, only to find out that time travel is much more complicated than he expected, and the results are catastrophic. “Toward Every Future’s Past” is flavored with sci-fi and fantasy and examines the cyclical nature of time and man’s difficulty in comprehending it.redrockauthorservices

tears of a princess_full

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One Good Man2


Forging Freedom 2


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